Rain in Israel – Did you Hear?

Yes, it’s raining in Israel and we pray for rain this time of year.

But hello world,

it is raining rockets in southern Israel!

110 rockets were fired since Sunday from Gaza at 1,000,000 people.

One landed on the beach in Ashkelon, another in a child’s bedroom.

Children could not go to school, as it was “rocket day” again.

It is also raining in Jerusalem, Israel,

Jerusalem streets flooded water

 but the kind of rain that fills the streets with rushing water

Bell Park, J Streets, Jerusalem photography tour

and empties the parks.

Jerusalem photography tour, Bell Park

In spite of the weather, in Gan Hapa’amon, the Liberty Bell Park, 

these two men were fixing a mangal, BBQ, to grill their lunch. 

bike in rain

Bikers covered their backpacks

rain hat, Jerusalem photography tour

 and men covered their hats.

sharing an umbrella, Jerusalem photography tour, J Street

When the wind was not blowing, an umbrella was good protection.

Israeli flag, Jerusalem photography tour

The weather kept flags flying,

traffic in rain, J Streets, Jerusalem photo tours

but made it hard for people to drive.

Jerusalem rain, J Street, Jerusalem photos

Traffic was slow and sidewalks were slippery.

protester, Jerusalem photography tour

However, no matter what the weather, there is always something to protest

flowers , Yemin Moshe, Jerusalem photography tour

and something unusual to photograph.

steps flooded with water, Jerusalem photography tours

These flooded steps were dangerous,

flowers ,Yemin Moshe, Jerusalem tour photography

but the flowers near them were gorgeous.

November 11 was also Veteran’s Day in the US, 

a special time to remember those who served in past wars.

Please, know and remember,

today there are 1,000,000 civilians in southern Israel

who have to sleep in bomb shelters and run for shelter from missiles.

rockets Sderot,

It is time to #StopTheRockets!

Short You tube video 

12 thoughts on “Rain in Israel – Did you Hear?

  • November 12, 2012 at 3:01 pm

    I sat staring at the comment box at a loss for words for a long time.
    Here in the North we had so much blessed rain, with cloudy but not so cold days and nights.
    Can it really be that we are involved in another round of violence with missiles fired from Gaza on our people in the ping pong of “my daddy is bigger than yours” like five year old brats?
    Even as Hamas admits that the firing was initiated from Gaza which wounded four soldiers and that only afterwards Israel retaliated killing Palestinians – the caption on Aljazeera as usual, read
    “Six Palestinians killed by Israeli forces in Gaza”. I found only on France 24 they reported that AFTER a missile hit an Israeli patrol, did Israel fire back into Gaza – all the other reports (except us) left out the important fact of who started first – but then again does it matter?
    Everyone who was interviewed on TV declared that it is time for the Government to solve the problem by attacking Gaza again- this time with more force.
    What has really been achieved since the Gaza war besides the tarnishing of Israel’s already tarnished image abroad and how can Israel solve this really terrible predicament she is in?
    The world looks on and behind closed doors urges Israel to carry on the fight against fanatical Islamists which Europe and the States already have in their back yards, while in public Israel is condemned and the calls for sanctions, boycotts and to bring Israel before The Hague for war crimes grow daily.
    What can we, the little people, of this amazing country do to really change minds and hearts of individuals who hate without understanding all the facts and the cause and effect (provocation and retaliation) of acts of violence on both sides.
    Someone said “We don’t always believe in miracles but we always rely on them” Amen.

  • November 12, 2012 at 6:18 pm

    If we forget all the political rhetoric for a moment, the cost of going into Gaza and exposing both the local population that are the pawns in this my daddy’s stronger exchange as well as the thought of becoming involved and endangering soldiers and our local population is something that hopefully is being considered long and hard. Sure I want Zahal to go in there and blast them and put an end to this nightmare. I am part of the million under threat and it helps me remember how the rest of us didn’t get Kiryat Shmone and the northern towns that were shelled or the realities (excuse me-just had to take a break. My daughter heard a very low siren so we ran to the wall. Not Beersheva-nearby area). The world is not going to give us affirmation of anything we do. The world can’t be the address. We need to rely on our faith and knowledge that what guides us is not the rivalries but doing the right thing in the right way to protect ourselves and those around us.
    Someone said “Don’t try to change someone else. Work on yourself and only yourself.” Wouldn’t that be nice if it could work?

    • November 12, 2012 at 7:06 pm

      Judy, just know that the whole of Israel stands with you and all our brothers and sisters in the line of danger. I am one of thousands in the North who spent many weeks in bomb shelters with young children and being pregnant at the time did not help too much.
      We, the people of Israel, no matter which government we vote for, are in “this” together. We pray that the right decisions will be made on behalf of everyone, that level heads will prevail and that innocent people on both sides do not pay the price of all our leaders’ arrogance and egos.

  • November 13, 2012 at 3:23 pm

    I found your blog thanks to Janglo….your pictures are stunning, and how you use them to tell a story is beautiful, too.

  • November 13, 2012 at 3:25 pm

    I found your blogs thanks to Janglo…your pictures are stunning, and the way you use them to tell a story is beautiful, too.

    • January 1, 2020 at 6:55 pm

      wow found this wonderful comment from over 7 years ago. Good thing I decided to clean up long lost messages tonight.

  • November 15, 2012 at 11:36 am

    I have found out why I really LOVE Israel. Every Friday wherever one goes – the supermarket, the bakery, out for coffee in the morning, everyone wishes you “Shabat Shalom” or on holidays “Chug Samach” – this morning on the phone to the telephone company – we wish each other to “Be Safe”
    I love you ISRAEL !!!


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