‘Jerusalem Knights’ First Night

Who could imagine that the Crusades could be so much fun?

Actors and musicians were dressed in medieval costumes.

The weather was perfect Thursday evening, October 7 in the Old City.

People had gathered in the plaza near Jaffa Gate, the unimaginable happened–

the Jerusalem Knights program started ten minutes early.

A map of 21 street performances in the Christian Quarter

was projected on a large screen near Jaffa Gate.

Visitors received a paper copy of the map with explanations in Hebrew and English.

The first performance, the Royal Reception, took place outside the walls

and just inside the walls, The Leper, was a scary sight.

The Greek Muse, hard to believe she was a real person.

It was hard to see the Fire Knight with such a large crowd around him.

The Wishing Fountain was easy to photograph, as like the Muse, she did not move.

In the Slave Market, even the slaves seemed to be having a good time.

Musicians performed in many locations along the route.

While some of the market was open,

near the end of the route, most of the shops were closed,

providing a perfect setting for peddlers


and be careful.. more peddlers and beggars.

At the end, Muristan Square was filled with color and dancers.

Jerusalem Knights  was held October 7, 14, 21 & 28.

The Jerusalem Development Authority, along with a list of other groups,

is sponsoring the performances;  there is no charge.

It takes about an hour to walk the route.

It is not good for the handicapped or baby strollers.

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