Signs of Hanukah


Two days before Hanukah the red carpet at the President’s House was rolled out as the band played.

Five new ambassadors to Israel presented their credentials.


There was plenty of music this week, with schools closed for Hanukah, and activities for everyone.

In most of the world, for practical and historical reasons, the chanukiah, special Hanukah menorah, is lit inside, but in Jerusalem they are often displayed outside in special glass boxes, high and low,

simple and not so simple.















All the lights burning  in some religious neighborhoods 


                                                        make for great evening tours, both public and private.


                            On tops of buildings or in a city square, chanukiot are a sign of Hanukah in Jerusalem.



Other signs…

of new growth

and sadly the funeral for Rabbi Druck

of the Rechavia neighborhood

 and Great Synagogue was Friday

just before Hanukah began.

Signs filled the neighorhood.

Holiday is only half over,

much is going on,

there are too many photos;

more is planned for next week.


Chag samaech!

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  • December 17, 2009 at 12:39 am

    Beautiful pictures! Thank you for sharing them with the rest of the world!
    Chag Sameach!!


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