After Yom Kippur War 40 Years in Jerusalem

The official memorial for those fallen in

the Yom Kippur War 40 years ago

is being broadcast live on the radio.

Memorial for dead

This photo was taken at a private ceremony,

the young man was speaking in honor of his grandfather.

I think it is fitting image to remember those fallen during the Yom Kippur War

even though the grandfather was not directly involved.

Also, on this 20th anniversary of Oslo Accord

to remember how many of Israel’s best have died.

But, there is little time for sadness,

 Sukkot is coming.

Sukkot preparations in Jerusalem.

All around Jerusalem, Israel, preparations have begun.

Sukah on porch

Look up on balconies, 

sukkah in Jerusalem

around in backyards,

Sukkot preparations in Jerusalem  photo

in front gardens, 

Sukkot in Jerusalem, Israel photo

and on top of cars;

 there are signs of the Sukkot holiday. 

After Yom Kippur, 

Jerusalem school is out.

it is a busy time getting ready for more holidays.

Schools are out,

 a good time for grandparents to give a helping hand.