Purim is Friday

This year in Jerusalem, the holiday of Purim is Friday, March 9,

Image Purim party

but celebrations have already begun.


Students have been in the holiday mood for more than a week

Image Paris fountain Jerusalem

and you can expect to see the unexpected.

Image masks

Window displays in the malls


and sales people are dressed in costumes.

Image super hero costumes

The Jerusalem streets are filled with super-heroes

Image child in costume

of all sizes.

Image costume, money costume

Money not only talks, it also walks 

Image "costumes"

on the colorful Jerusalem streets.

Image "hair'

This is the time of year for a new hair style,

Image "green wig"

hair color,

Image "Purim costume"

wig or new glasses.


All over Israel today, school children dressed up in costumes,


including some very big kids!

You would never know that Purim is not celebrated until Friday

by the look of the Jerusalem streets today.

If you don’t have a costume yet, do not worry there is still time


and street vendors have plenty of them on display.

Image "Purim bags"


Purim Problems

In Jerusalem, government leaders spoke at the Jerusalem Conference,  

to Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations

and to the Board of Governors of the Jewish Agency.

Major issues were discussed by the hundreds from around the world.

However, the real Jerusalem streets were more concerned about 

getting ready for the holiday of Purim, and

          choosing a costume was the first big problem.

There are very cute little costumes

   and extremely large ones.


With all the variety, if you still cannot find what you want,

fabric stores put out their most colorful wares.


Many take the easy way out and just get a hat;

  the variety seems endless.


Stores try to cash in on the season with colorful displays of anything that could be used with costumes.

The next problem is what to do for Mishloah Manot,

the traditional gift baskets given out on Purim.

Do you select a basket and make your own mishloach manot

or buy prepared gift baskets?

         Candy is the next problem: too many choices.    

Even Hamentashen pastries require making choices; 

which filling to pick…dates, poppy seed, nuts, caramel, etc…


 Which leads to the next problem, if you eat all this, 

how will you still fit into your costume?               


This year Purim in Jerusalem begins Sunday night

and continues on Monday, March 1, 2010.