Google Maps Jerusalem

Google cars were in Jerusalem in November 2011,

"picture Google car", "photo Google car Jerusalem", "image Google car"

   they were easy to recognize going up and down the streets.

Now Google Street Views of Israel are going on-line

and everyone can find their favorite Jerusalem street.

"sign for Yizkor, "poster remembrance day"

You will still see signs for Yom Hashoah, Holocaust Remembrance Day.


"Israeli flags photo", "picture Israel flags", "image Israel Flag"

 this time of year you will see Israeli flags lining the streets,

"picture Israeli flags", "photo Israel flags"

hanging in store windows,

"photo Jerusalem street","picture Heichel Sholmo", "Image Israel flag"

and flying along many major roads.

"photo sign Yom Haatzmaut", "photo Israel Independence Day", "image Jerusalem"

The signs are out, Yom Ha’atzmaut, Israeli Independence Day, is next week.

What a perfect time for Google to show the Jerusalem streets

turning blue & white for Israel’s 64th birthday celebrations!

I wrote about a special Yom Hashoah event for The Times of Israel,

please check it out and comment.