This is Apartheid?

 Israel Apartheid Week is reported to be growing on college campuses;

its participants must  have never spent any time in Jerusalem.

Arab families often visit Gan Sacher and other Jerusalem parks.

 This is apartheid?

"Arab women", "Palestinian women"

 Hospitals are fully integrated; staff, patients, and visitors.

This is apartheid?

"Arab women", "Palestinian women"

 Shopping malls are open to all customers.

"Arab women", "picture Arab women" "Palestinian women"

These ladies hailed a taxi on King George Street

after a successful shopping day at Ben Yehudah Mall.

"arab women" , "Female shopper", "Palestinian woman"

Arab women shop on Jaffa Street on a regular basis, 

often shopping alone.

This is apartheid?

"arab women", "Israel abusing rights"

 Arab women walk freely in old neighborhoods, 

and in new areas. This is apartheid?

"arab woman and child","Palestinian boy".

However, with small children in hand,

women may not be able to move around quite so easily.

It is not simple for anyone to get a driver’s license in Jerusalem,

but the option is available to all.

  Arab girls wait to ride on a regular public city bus. 

"Palestinian family", "Israeli occupation",

As the world media focused on stone throwers,

this family was walking in nearby Baka. 

There are fewer photos of Arab men,

"arab man", Palesinian man", "Israeli oppresion"

 because unless they are with women dressed in traditional clothes

it is often hard to pick them out in a crowd. 

"racism in Israel", "racist Israel"

Yes there are serious problems, but

no legislation exists that discriminates against blacks.

Holy sites are open to people of all faiths.

"Palestinian woman", "abuse in Israel"

Democratically elected Arab members in the Knesset speak,

vote and can propose laws.

Jerusalem may have plenty of problems,

but this is not apartheid.