Mamilla Cemetery New Incitement?

The week before Passover is a time of clean up, everything from Twitter

"dirty car", "Jerusalem rain"

to cars need to be cleaned.

"Palestinian land", "Photo cemetery abuse", "picture of garbage"

Until a couple of years ago one of the most neglected eyesores in

 Jerusalem was the Mamilla Cemetery, it resembled a garbage dump.

"man working in cemetery", "picture of Mamilla Cemetery"

In June 2010 the cemetery got a make-over,

"graves in Mamilla Cemetery",

fresh cement was brought in

"cemetery Israel", "picture graves in Mamilla"

and mixed for new grave stones

"photo cemetery Mamilla"

and hundreds of new tombs,  which were soon proven to be fake.

One might ask why am I taking time away from Passover preparations,

the Mamilla Cemetery hypocrisy is not new?

Two years ago the Center for Constitutional Right – CCR- initiated the

   Mamilla Campaign to the UN

to stop the building of the Museum of Tolerance.

This past week from New York

  the CCR has initiated a new campaign with a new video.

    It’s not quality photography, but it is enough to be upsetting.

The picture I had seen on a Tweet was taken from this video

and is spreading in the Arab media world.

It was a warm, sunny spring day in Jerusalem, 

so I went to see the new desecration for myself.

"picture Mamilla Cemetery abuse". "Mamilla fence'

The Mamilla Cemetery and the adjacent fenced-off  building site 

are situated across from Gan Ha’atzmaut, Independence Park.  

"photo Museum of Tolerance site". "picture of building site"

There were people enjoying the weather and afternoon sun.

Abuse of the Mamilla cemetery was not to be seen.

BDS did not work up a large anti-Israel reaction…

"Palestinian grave photo", "picture of Mamilla graves"

so it seems here we are again…

back to using the Mamilla cemetery to incite against Israel.