Did You Hear about Jerusalem’s Emek Refaim Street?

It did not make headlines.

Afternoon traffic was heavy and slow Monday in Jerusalem, Israel,

image no traffic

with some streets like this one blocked to traffic for hours.

Emek St Fair 063b truck blocking st

No one was driving onto Emek Refaim Street with this truck parked,

 buses were rerouted and taxis blocked.

Emek St Fair 060b street c;losed

There was a large blue arch on the other side of the truck,

Yad2 street fair

a blue man,

image crowd of people

blue balloons,

image police marching band

and men in blue too,

as the police formed a brass marching band.

image US colors

The US Embassy had a booth in red, white and blue.

image Emek Rephaim sTreets

It is estimated that as many as 30,000 people attended this community street fair,

image Emek REfaim STreets

where second hand goods were for sale.

image choir singing

Choirs performed,

many musical groups played,

image little girl dancing

and here one little dancer is moving to the music.

image street fair entertainment

Actors on platforms,

photo street acts

standing on stools above the street,

image Jerusalem streets

and sitting on chairs performed to young audiences.

image cooking lesson unusual

This group was learning about cooking.

image lots of people

Thousands of people took photos.

Emek St Fair crowd

This usually busy neighborhood street

Emek St Fair 020b

was full of barriers blocking side walks.

image cute kids

It was grid-locked by people and double strollers.

image street fair and wheelchairs

There are so many places in Jerusalem and on Emek Refaim Street

that are impossible and impassible for disabled,

it was great  to see so many out for this event in wheel chairs.

image chairs

Please let me know if you hear of anyone who actually

paid 50 shekels to sit in these chairs.

The sign asks for 50 shekels to sit.

That is what was happening on the real Jerusalem streets

and it all went on well into the night,

but no violence, not news,

7 thoughts on “Did You Hear about Jerusalem’s Emek Refaim Street?

  • September 17, 2014 at 9:45 am

    I spent four days in Jerusalem last week and visited a few of the sites you promote on your blog.
    For instance walked Mamila mall at night, and saw for myself the ‘mixture’ of people strolling, eating and enjoying the shops – I took photos (not as good as yours) of musicians and performances outside, to my mind, expensive shops selling beautiful goods.
    As explained to us, there were not that many people walking the streets because of the ‘war’ but we saw many tourists, Arabs and Jews enjoying the cool Jerusalem evening. Up North, it is still very humid, but getting slightly cooler at night.
    The old City of Jerusalem was not too busy and one Arab merchant desperately tried to entice us into his shop to buy ‘just about anything”. He complained that business was so bad and intimated of course that it was because of the Jews. We told him that even Jewish businesses in Jerusalem were having a hard time, and in fact, down the passage-way, we saw ‘closing sale signs’ in some Jewish owned businesses. It is very sad and although the Arab merchant wanted to start a “blame act’, we were not prepared to get into any political discussion as who is to blame for the continuing and never-ending situation. How stupid we all are, not to be able to make peace, so that Arab Merchants and Jewish merchants earn a dignified living.
    On the way to visit מוזיאון קו התפר – we passed a gathering of religious Jews about to protest against ‘induction’ into the army. I had seen this event on TV many times, but to be in the thick of it, was an experience. They blocked the road, and shouted their obscenities at the police and passers-bye.
    We entered the museum and climbed to the roof to see the view and were able to see the tail-end of the protest and we heard the shouts of “Nazi” toward the police who moved threateningly towards them mounted on horses.
    Below us, we saw children of about twelve or so, come out of their class rooms to play during their break. The children noticed all of us on the roof with cameras and started shouting to us to stop taking photos. When some photographers kept on taking photos of them and the protest, these children started throwing stones at us. The stones were small and the children did not have the strength to throw the stones up to where we were standing. A few teachers came out and did not stop these kids, in fact, it looked as if they were handing out candies.
    These are our Jewish babies who are lost to us – they are the Jews who are taught to hate Israel and other Jews, who don’t believe exactly the way they do. That was so sad…. these beautiful children taught to hate, as Hamas teaches its young to hate…….
    Jerusalem is an amazing city, filled with contradiction, history, love and hate. There is so much proven Jewish history and if I spoke my mind right now, your site would be in the middle of a slinging match, so I will be quiet and not cause too many feathers to be ruffled.
    Peace to all and a safe and blessed Rosh Ha’Shanna to all the people of Israel and Jews all over the world….

    • September 17, 2014 at 8:05 pm

      Always interested to read what you have to say.. if only there was a way to get rid of hate…meanwhile tomorrow is gay parade, will see what happens next in Jerusalem, Israel.

      • September 18, 2014 at 9:37 am

        there is always a lot of activity on line regarding the Gay parade.


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