Finds in The Old City

After weeks of record rain in Jerusalem,

 the sun was shining again on Friday morning.

It was perfect weather to walk to the Old City 

and take pictures.

Jaffa Gate image, picture of Jaffa plaza

The trees in the plaza by Jaffa Gate were still bare,

Arab man carrying bread on his head image

but inside the walls there was fresh bread

and cool drinks for sale,

and more photographers…as usual.

tourist and taxis image, Armenian Quarter image

Tourists went by foot and by car through the Armenian Quarter.

Arab women image. Arab women in Jerusalem

Arab women were walking in the Rova, the Jewish Quarter.

ceramic sign in old city image

Following the ceramic arrow, 

Bloggers Jerusalem Scavenger Hunt image

I found the meeting place of my group of bloggers 

Photographer image

and photographer… all ready for our Jerusalem Scavenger Hunt.

Our group read, listened and learned 

about some of the locations in the Rova, the Jewish Quarter,

that were captured and destroyed in 1948 by the Jordanian Legion.

"narrow streets of Old City" image

As we walked through the narrow rebuilt streets of the Rova,

"orange tree" image , Tu Bishvat , TU Beshvat image

and we found our “tree” … full of oranges, ready for Tu Beshvat.

"courtyard" image in Old City

But also we found large groups of tourists in the courtyards 

and in the Cardo of the Old City.

We found beautiful children getting out of school,

but we never did find what was so interesting down there.

"Israeli soldiers' image in Old City

It seems we were not the only scavenger hunters on Friday in the Old City, 

there was also a group of Israeli soldiers with a paper map and questions.

We found fun and new friends on the Jerusalem Scavenger Hunt.

Wondered what these young soldiers will find?

For more on the Jerusalem Scavenger Hunt see:

19 thoughts on “Finds in The Old City

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  2. This blog makes me happy every time I view it. With so much awful news in the world – this is refreshment for the soul. Our beautiful Yerushalayim inhabited by our beautiful people. You have a wonderful eye for the the perfect photo. Hashem should bless you.



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  6. This was a beautiful post, and I enjoyed the lovely, calming photos of the Old City. I can’t wait to make my first visit to this blessed land, the City of our G_D! Thank you! Shalom!

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