A Paradise Lost

Until last Thursday, Eilat seemed to have little in common with Jerusalem.

Landing in the small airport in the center of town,

was to be welcomed to a peaceful oasis in the desert.

A paradise with water and boats,

free of traffic lights and full of flowers blooming all year-long.

When Jerusalem was freezing, Eilat had a warm beach on the sea,

with clean, refreshing water.

Thousands of Israelis and foreign tourists flock to the beach,

where the sign is “Go in Peace”.

Across a small canal

one can see as planes land in Jordan.

With their huge flag, it is impossible to forget that the Jordanian city of Aqaba

and its border crossing are just minutes away.

Look to the right and Egypt is on the horizon.

In multiple terrorists’ attacks on Thursday afternoon,

8 Israelis were murdered and dozens more were injured near Eilat.

The 25th end of summer Eilat Jazz Festival goes on with new security concerns,

nevertheless, thousands of people have filled the highway driving south to attend.

How terrible the loss of innocent lives.

 A paradise lost?        

 No, the show must go on…



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  • August 23, 2011 at 8:19 pm

    lovely pics! you really capture the essence of beauty.


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