Save the Nature Museum

Doctors are striking.

Protest tents are popping up like mushrooms in the parks.

The price of gas, electricity and temperatures are rising.

With so many serious issues at once, it was easy to miss a protest meeting

   to save the Nature Museum in Jerusalem.

Thousands of visitors drive down this little street leading

  to the Moshava Germanit, German Colony parking lot,

and probably never noticed the main entrance to the Nature Museum.

This old Armenian house and sprawling grounds are home

to the Nature Museum in Jerusalem,

where thousands of children have been exposed to nature and animal life.

In spite of the heat, a crowd gathered in the afternoon on July 26, 2011

to protest its threatened closure.

Professor Ariel Hershfeld was the first of several speakers.

City council member Meir Turgeman, who grew up in the neighborhood,

was the last speaker and called for the city to listen to its residents.

It was hard to gauge the attendance at the protest, as the many activities,


and animals provided constant distractions.

The soft music of this protest was quite a contrast to the loud demonstrations.

Will Shalem College get the grounds for its new campus?

The grounds of the Hanson Hospital are near by and could be restored

to offer a new and improved neighborhood Nature Museum.

There was mumbling in the crowd of another Holyland

where the interests of business and money

win over the interests of the people.

More photos are posted  on  The Real Jerusalem Streets Facebook page.

3 thoughts on “Save the Nature Museum

  • July 28, 2011 at 1:15 am

    The Nature Center is a little, sparkling gem in Yerushalayim. It needs better publicity, marketing and it also needs a “hook” – a special something that makes it unique and “valuable” for tourism. Sweetness, pureness, and light fall before big bucks and profits. The government’s priorities are truly skewed in so many areas and the people in Yerushalayim suffer for the government’s gluttinous appetite for control, power and putting money in a relative’s or “owe a favor” to a fat cat friend’s pocket. We Jews have not learned our lesson yet.

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