Holiday Leftovers


After the holidays is a perfect time to use up leftovers,

so this week there will be a bit more of Sukkot in Jerusalem.

The garden at the Christian Embassy in Jerusalem was beautiful.

While the Independence Park,

was the scene of a large musical event for children,

many small parks hosted free musical programs.

A  boy’s choir entertained on the plaza outside the Jaffa Gate.

A constant stream of holiday visitors came through Jaffa Gate and many religions were represented.








Holiday time was



family time.


The Rova, the Jewish Quarter, was the scene of many events

and the Kotel, the Western Wall, was often very crowded.

This view shows the area on the right which is set for a much-needed renovation to help relieve crowding.

While thousands of visitors marched in the Jerusalem Parade,

not everyone stood the entire time.

At the parade there were a variety of flags and banners,

but were any flags really left over?

A band entertaining before the parade on Jaffa Road had to watch its step because of horse ‘left overs’.

There were unusual sukkot,

but who knew that camels had such long necks and were so hard to photograph?


As soon as Simhat Torah was over the Hakafot Sheniot began around the city.

At one celebration in Gan Hapa’amon, The Liberty Bell Park,









Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi Metzger and Sephardi Chief Rabbi Amar addressed the large crowd.

Mayor Nir Barkat joined the band in singing  Im Eshkachaich Yerushalyim, If I forget thee, O’ Jerusalem.

Even after a brief power outage,

those standing and dancing in the back seemed to be enjoying the music and socializing.


As usual, there were protests and protest signs.






Some signs were up for a short time,


but a sign near the Prime Minister’s Residence


for the release of Gilad Shalit


may be up for a while.





Signs posted in Mea Shaerim asking for modest dress have been around for years, but

last week a court ruled that the streets cannot be physically divided for men and women.


The weather has finally cooled off,  most of the visitors have gone home, and the children are back in school;

with the holidays over, it’s time to get back to ‘normal’.

On Tuesday, municipal workers went on strike in all cities, except Jerusalem.


even with city workers collecting them

it could be sometime

until the all holiday leftovers are gone from the Jerusalem streets.

Enough Sukkot, until next year in Jerusalem

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