More Open Houses

Only in Jerusalem could you find 

a small sukkah on a truck

and a small sukkah on a camel,

near the very large sukkah in Kikar Safra, Safra Square.

Mayor Nir Barkat hosted an Open House in this sukkah on September 27.

The music began at 5:00pm, but guests were not let in immediately.

As usual,

it was “who you know”, as the first guests entered the sukkah a few minutes after 5:00pm..

At 5:15 pm, a small, but loud protest group appeared in the plaza with signs;

while the mayor and his wife,









received city residents and their invited guests 

in the beautifully decorated sukkah. 

Leaving the sukkah


people posed for pictures,

but it was hard to avoid the noisy protesters.

Some of the children, however, were able to ignore the disruptions

and not everyone was loud.

As the protest group moved back towards the entrance of the sukkah,


 they were able to keep the media’s attention.

Female demonstrators seemed to be leading the group,

 which was captured by many photographers from all angles.

The photographers were so busy, as usual, they missed the real Jerusalem streets.

 Not everyone had their evening ruined, as a few people were even able to enjoy the music.

While every bit of this protest was being recorded at Kikar Safra,

at the same time, the groups waiting for the traffic light to cross to Mamilla Mall were larger.

The number of visitors to Jerusalem for the holidays and the variety of events was amazing,

but as usual, a few noise makers made the headlines.

Next time… the Jerusalem Parade.


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