Festival Time

Kids are still on their long summer vacation,

most summer camps are over, and it is hot.

During the month of August,

parents have to find a way to entertain their children.

  It is festival time. 

In the center of Jerusalem, on Shamai Street, the Friday afternoon happening

was hard to find.

The second week we did find live music

and a street entertainer.

But to be fair,

Funkenstein was happening around the corner at the same time.

The first week of the Children’s Story festival held in the Liberty Bell Park

did not have the usual large crowds of young children.


It could be that it is just too hot outside and

the children’s movie festival will draw larger crowds.

Even in the heat, the street actors are performing.

Located in the area just outside the walls of the Old City,

is Khutsot Hayotser, the International Arts & Crafts Festival,

an annual summer entertainment highlight. 

 It is costly compared to other events,

 but there are many activities and it is popular with families.

Before the opening, local Israeli artists were busy getting ready.

They count on this annual event to draw visitors to their often empty lane,

which is not far from the Jaffa Gate.

The set up for this massive event

 and its security involves hundreds of people.

There are many musical and dance performances throughout the park area

 and exhibits with sales displays 

from 35 countries.

 Every night a different  musical performance is featured

in the Sultan’s Pool amphitheater,

with its huge stage

and seating stands.

 This is the 35th year of Khutsot Hayotser, 

which runs from August 2 to August 14.

Enough family fun and summer culture?  

 The beer festival is coming up next!

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