Shabbat Shalom from Jerusalem, Israel

After UNGA vote, the Prime Minister’s Office released:

“Israel completely rejects this preposterous resolution. Jerusalem is our capital. Always was, always will be.

But I do appreciate the fact that a growing number of countries refused to participate in this theater of the absurd. So I appreciate that, and especially I want to again express our thanks to President Trump and Ambassador Haley, for their stalwart defense of Israel and their stalwart defense of the truth.”

The Old City and its surrounding areas are thriving today,

Arab man and woman walk through Mamilla Mall in Jerusalem Israel

with Mamilla Mall stores and restaurants.

From 1948 – 1967,

no Jews were allowed in Old City in Jerusalem,

it was occupied and Jewish life was destroyed by Jordanians.

This photo taken at Notre Dame, across No Man’s Land,

was close as you could get to Western Wall,

and Temple Mount.

Go back to that situation?

Jerusalem Old City Walls

The world seems to have short memory.

שבת שלום

Shabbat Shalom

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