No Harlem Shake, but 12 Favorite Signs

Though most everyone seems to be doing the Harlem Shake, 

we have not seen anyone doing it yet on the streets of Jerusalem, Israel,

 so decided to share a few favorite signs instead.

Jerusalem signs photo

Signs are an extremely important form of communication

in many neighborhoods.

sign Menchem Alon

Notices of the death of revered former Supreme Court judge Menachem Alon 

David Hartman

and renowned thinker David Hartman were prominent this week.

Jerusalem sign photo

1. This misspelled sign from last year is still a favorite.

Jerusalem signs

2. No words needed here, but here’s hoping there are better directions for

the Jerusalem Marathon that is to run next week on Friday, March 1.

Jerusalem sign

3. Do you really think a motorcycle will not go on a foot path because

of this sign if the riders think they have enough room to get through?

Sign tax office

4. The first time seeing the signs at the tax offices can cause a panic attack.

Jewish agency sign

The Board of Governors of the Jewish Agency met this week.

Palestine sign

5. But how many people remember this United Palestine Appeal sign?

new sign Jerusalem

6. There are new street signs on “The President’s” Street.

Street sign George Washington in Jeruaslem

7. But there are other Presidents’ streets in Jerusalem, these

Abraham Lincoln street sign Jerusalem

8. two are named for US presidents honored on February 18 in the US.

Esther street Jerusalem

9. A favorite sign this time of year is this street named for Queen Esther.

King Herod, sign Israel Museum

10. Here is a sign for the new exhibit at the Israel Museum on King Herod.

Arab violence has increased outside the Jerusalem area.

The new government still is not in place, however,

 it is interesting that the Israeli press (not a Purim joke)

ice cream sign

11. has reported that this pistachio ice cream is the Prime Minister’s favorite,

and he requested  NIS 10,000’s worth of it in this year’s budget.

12. Purim is a few days away, so will end with an all time favorite sign

Purim sign on bus

 as the bus soon will say “Happy Purim.”

One thought on “No Harlem Shake, but 12 Favorite Signs

  • February 20, 2013 at 8:47 am

    My personal favorite is Eliel Dror St, not an exact match, but close enough….Purim Sameach!


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