Signs of Israeli Election Fever

Everyone has noticed by now that the world did not come to an end,

but the year 2012 has ended.

Living in Jerusalem, Israel, at this time of year is such a different experience.


Colorful lights and decorated trees are hard to find

and just do not compare to displays in other places we have lived.

After Hanukkah,

it was back to work while the rest of the world was on holiday.

This year we not only have work, but also an election season to keep us busy.

Surveys, polls and recorded phone messages are a constant headache.

There is no getting away from it on the streets,

where text messages are sent to cell phones


and campaign signs are posted illegally 


and legally.

It seems that Tzippi Livni has an ad on the back of every bus.

campaign poster

Faces are posted on buildings


and signs line this foot bridge near government buildings.


Naftali Bennett’s popularity and “you have a home” campaign

may have been a surprise to some, but not to me.


I saw hundreds of people standing in long lines

waiting to vote for him in the party primaries a few weeks ago.


Look on the right at that pile of rolled up signs,

 soon all of Israel will be filled with signs

The good thing for those sick of this election season,

is it has only 3 weeks left to go.

Yes, 2013 is starting with negative election campaign attacks,


but also there are new signs to welcome Taglit-Birthright participants. 


For the 13th year, thousands of young people are visiting Israel,

 it is great seeing so many visitors on the streets.

purple flowers

I hope everyone has a chance to see some of the beauty for themselves.

Winter flowers are a great antidote for the stress of election fever.

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