Tour de Jerusalem

The first ever Tour de Jerusalem bicycle race was held on December 6, 2011

featuring both Tour de France winner Alberto Contador

and Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat as riders.

Some bicycle enthusiasts arrived through Mamilla Mall

and then climbed the steps toward the Old City.

Time to call home and let Mom know, “I am riding with Alberto.”

Crowds gathered by Jaffa Gate

where the race was to begin.

Some of the cyclists came up the hill toward the Jaffa Gate

and others waited by the gate for their entrance.

When the race did not begin at the announced 4:30pm start time,

this was the scene inside of Jaffa Gate.

The race finally did begin and

the expert cyclists came off the mark quickly.

Of the thousands of spectators,

 these girls from Denmark, here to volunteer in a local soup kitchen,

were some of the most vocal when they spotted a rider they knew from home.

The riders were not the only ones who had to be careful on their hilly route.

Even with years of  infrastructure work the plaza needs more, so watch your step.

As the moon rose,

the first lap of the race was ending.

The walls of the Old City were a beautiful sight at sunset.

 Tour de France winner Alberto Contador won the first ever Tour de Jerusalem.

No surprise there and only one reported rider injury…

 this cycling event was a success.

Additional photos on The Real Jerusalem Streets Facebook Page:

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