All about the Weather

While much of the world is discussing politics,

in Jerusalem it is all about the weather.

As Chanukah ended,

weather forecasters warned of a big storm approaching from Europe.

On Thursday at sunset, clouds were gathering in the sky above the Judean Hills.

 Over the weekend, it rained,

dirt… not much water fell.

Day and night the winds were strong, enough to inflate this motorcycle cover.

Blowing sand looked like a snow storm in this night photo.

Finally, Sunday night the much anticipated rain started,

and by Monday enough rain fell to clean the cars.


Lots of trees came down from the winds and rain.

Branches were piled on sidewalks

all around the city.

Puddles of water

filled many streets.

On Monday, people started to come outside, the winds died down and it was possible to use an umbrella.

It is finally cold enough for winter clothing, unless you are a schoolboy,

some of the boys were wearing short sleeve shirts on the playground at recess.

 A street cleaner was out today, though I’m not sure what he was cleaning on the street.

Everyone is certainly glad that the air is cleaner.

Now it’s back to politics…

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  • December 15, 2010 at 5:44 am

    Wow. I have been praying for rain. Those were some powerful storms.


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