A Taste of Chanukah

 Chanukah 5771

For the holiday of lights

there were many,

many lights.

It did rain-finally-but not much; there was  plenty of thick fog the morning after.

There were celebrations

and decorations.

The Old City was busy day and night.

There were dreydels to spin

and Chaunkah gelt, chocolate coins to win.

The crowds and signs of the holiday were everywhere, even the buses said “Happy Chanukah”.

Tastes of Chanukah have come a long way, with exotic new varieties of suffganiot

and chocolates.

As the Chanukah season comes to an end, thousands of visitors are going home.

After eight days celebrating the holiday of oil, many people are not sad, but very happy…

as the strawberry season has begun.

Happy Chanukah! 

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