Long Journey

July 8, 2010

Over four years have passed

since Gilad Shalit was kidnapped by Hamas near Gaza.

Today Jerusalem was ready for large crowds.

Signs were posted

around Paris Square.

Even the flowers were secure

nearby in Independence Park

where red police tape closed the road to traffic.

In Paris Square there was one reminder of Jonathan Pollard,

but today was all about Gilad Shalit.

Traffic was snarled for hours as the Shalit family and supporters marched toward Jerusalem.

Following speeches in Independence Park, Noam and Aviva Shalit walked the last few meters

toward the tent erected near the Prime Minister’s Residence where they plan to stay until their son is released.

 Gilad Shalit has not had one visit by the International Red Cross in more than four years.

Zachary Baumel has been missing since June 1982 with no reported visits by the International Red Cross.

How many people around the world even remember the name of this missing Israeli soldier?




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