Summer Days

Many of Jerusalem’s residents travel in the summer,

  the Prime Minister has gone to Washington, DC, so the sirens of his grey entourage are silent.

Visitors have arrived from around the world,

so the streets might be quieter and less crowded during rush hours,

but plenty of tour buses and rental cars

and construction sites go all day.

 New traffic signs showing new traffic patterns

 are confusing drivers, whether they are familiar and unfamiliar with the area.

One wrong turn and you can end up stuck in a cross walk waiting for a tow truck.

Protest signs about the construction freeze

and new signs for Hamas to release Gilad Shalit are meant to attract  attention.

While any day is a good time to have a picnic,

 both the Canadian July 1st  and the United States July 4th celebrations, with their picnics and fireworks

 were hardly noticed this year.  A magic show was held for kids on July 4th

in the new AACI auditorium, sponsored by the Association of Americans and Canadians in Israel.

There are the traditional ways to keep cool,

as plenty of watermelons are available.


Inside the Machane Yehudah Market, the Shuk,  old stalls or new shops are cool even on a sunny afternoon.

Air-conditioned Malcha Mall is a popular summertime favorite.


Carrying your jacket and hat must make it a bit cooler too.

A free sample of a new ice cream product from the Nestle company was extremely popular.

The Jerusalem Film Festival

has over 70 films

from around the world.

Air conditioned theaters

offer a good place

to be on a hot afternoon

or evening.

Trying to keep children busy and safe during the summer days is always a priority.

Normal days and regular activities are not headline grabbing,

but they do happen, even in Jerusalem,

and then there are the summer nights …




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