Security issues are the hot topics of discussion, from Moscow to Texas, from Berlin to Florida, from Washington to Jerusalem.


The Israeli navy’s seizure of the Francop, a ship loaded with hundreds of tons of weapons, should be a positive thing for our security.











For major events security forces fill the Jerusalem streets.

However, on an average day, if you want one,

just try and find a uniformed policeman on the streets of Jerusalem. 



During the Pope’s visit in  May 2009, IMG_0962

there were major street closings.











The resulting traffic back ups are still the talk of the real Jerusalem streets.


When the Pope visited the  President’s House bystanders were disappointed that he did not use the Popemobile, but arrived by regular limousine.




Security going into the new Gap clothing storeIMG_1538

 is stronger than the security leaving the store.




Searching of all bags on entering a mall

or public venue is routine all over Israel.










However, in stark contrast, on a regular afternoon small children can be seen going home from school alone,












and in most neighborhoodsIMG_2021

women walk alone safely,

 day and night.

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