Faster than a speeding bullet

 It is a shame that U. S. Secretary of State Hilary Clinton          IMG_2012

was in and out of Jerusalem so quickly this week.

If she had taken a few minutes to visit a local hospital,

 she would have seen the real Jerusalem streets.

 In Jerusalem, there are two Hadassah Hospitals,

one at Mount Scopus and the other location, Ein Kerem…

home of the Chagall Windows.


The best photos I did not take…privacy reigns over sensationalism.  The two great grandmothers sitting so close that the flimsy hospital curtain would not fit between their chairs, and both with their husbands stretched out on beds next to them waiting for surgery, both with their hair covered, one Arab and one Jewish…


Put everyone in hospital gowns, and no one could correctly identify the doctors, the nurses, the Jews, the non Jews, the religious, and the non religious. Patients of many nationalities and religions fly to Israel to have procedures done in Jerusalem.  It is reported that 30% of the doctors speak Arabic. Israeli doctors have marvelous, well deserved reputations.


With 5 patients crowded into a room meant for 4, and  only one two prong electric outlet for a side of the room, everyone shares. Secretary Clinton could witness real negotiations. Some patients were sleeping in the hallway, the hospital was so crowded. A new building is under construction, let’s hope that Hadassah gets the funds to get this much needed facility up and running soon.









(Full disclosure my mother was a member of Hadassah.)



The weather, as usual,  was the focus of most conversations.IMG_2142

Heat wave last week,

then enough rain to make the streets slippery and dangerous.

A few real rain storms and

everyone is hoping for a wet winter…

just not when they have to be outside.












   Cold, sunny, rain…                                                  

  even the sun could not figure…in or out.

Rains came and winter is here. 


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