Holiday Crowds in Jerusalem

The autumn holiday season is coming to an end.

This past week “crowd” was the keyword.

Temporary dwellings called “sukkot” crowded in every tiny space,

on a little balcony or a small piece of land.


Crowds of people seemed to be everywhere as thousands of visitors gathered in Jerusalem. International groups gathered by the tens of thousands to march in the Jerusalem Parade..


Also this week, all day long thousands of people of all religions arrived to go to the Kotel, the Western Wall.

They lined up at Beit Hanasi, the Israeli President’s House

President Shimon Peres greets Israelis on Sukkot open house at Beit Hanasi

a few people even got to shake Shimon Peres’ hand.

Every night large crowds attended musical events. At one annual event, the mayor was speaking, but without a ticket I could not get close enough to get a good photo of him…along with the other poor ticketless folks, having a great time. No seats, they danced or talked all night.

The multitudes came despite and in spite of any threat of terror. There was security out in force, but the feeling of danger was not in the air,  just celebration.

A few scenes from the real Jerusalem streets!

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