Shushan Purim-Night

After many days of sunny, warm weather,  just in time for the Purim holiday celebrations, very heavy rains turned Jerusalem cold and grey.  At times the fog was so heavy the Knesset building was barely visible. The amount of rainfall over the Purim weekend totaled about 20 cm or nearly 8 inches.

Flooded streets made it hard to get around,

but the rain did not stop this bike rider Sunday evening.

All over Jerusalem, many people dressed in costumes and gathered to read Megilat Esther.

There were some good hats

and some great hair.

Inside  was bright and colorful,

but outside everyone hurried to  their cars, homes 

 the city of Jerusalem though was just beginning to party.

There were so many events it was impossible to cover them all;

however, there is another day…

Purim sign

Happy Purim!

Updated Rosh Chodesh Adar 5773, Purim 2013