Attire to Inspire for Purim in Jerusalem

As 3 potential US presidential candidates ended their visits in Jerusalem,

  the Conference of Presidents of  Major American Jewish Organizations 

arrived for their annual meeting, but with increased security precautions,

there are often no public displays announcing such visitors.

However, the president of East Timor has flags lining his route.

In a week with every kind of weather,

the flags add color on a drab, cold rainy day,

 President Ramos-Horta’s visits Beit Hanasi,

the official residence of President Shimon Peres.

Official visitors do not affect most people , they are much more concerned

about the price of gasoline,

and, of course, the situation in Egypt, Iran, and the rest of the  Middle East.

With all the political unrest, the IDF has a new leader, 

Lt-General Benny Gantz,

and his first stop as the 20th chief officer was at the Kotel, Western Wall.

Thousands of others visited the Kotel the same day,

and some of their outfits might help solve the dilemma…

what to wear on Purim?


and Shushan are names found all year around in Jerusalem.

This being a leap year,

there is an extra month of Adar, more time to prepare for the holiday.

From the amazingly diverse Jerusalem streets,

some ‘everyday’ attire to inspire.

  There are female visitors

and male visitors in colorful clothes.

There are those dressed in all white,

or of course, in basic black.

These men on their way to Beit Hanasi, walking near

the Jerusalem Theater, prefer black and white.

Colorful hats are now on display.


Wigs are always popular.

Can’t wait to see what people will look like

when they actually dress up in Purim costumes next month!