Tweets from Jerusalem

While once again on Sunday haredim in Mea Shearim were rioting,

SMX Israel , tweeting, Barry Schwartz photo

 across town these people were tweeting.

No riots at SMX Israel, the Search Marketing Expo in Jerusalem,

but  some of this “techie” crowd may have their work cut for them.

Afraid of cyber terror attacks,

 Israeli banks are blocking internet access from abroad,

new business ideas are bound to come from this situation.

On my way to the conference I went by  Beit Hanasi

the President of Israel’s official residence.

Jerusalem garbage

 There seemed to be a lot of garbage outside, since the president

David's Village, Jerusalem

is reported to be staying in temporarily in David’s Village 

during renovations to the living quarters at Beit Hanasi.

Maybe they had inside information…

as the next morning was the beginning of a municipal services strike.

No more cute garbage photos;

Jerusalem garbage strike

on the first day of the strike the bins were overflowing onto the streets.

piles of garbage

As people try to figure out where to put their trash and rubbish,

bird on garbage bin

the birds 

garbage in strike in Jerusalem

and the cats are loving it.

A good thing is that temperatures are low,

 not cold enough for snow,  so it’s raining again.

Since the real streets are not a pretty sight right now, 

 why not see what went on inside at SMX Israel this week:

One thought on “Tweets from Jerusalem

  1. I eagerly look forward to your pictures and your very insightful comments…hope to meet you, when I visit my wonderful friend, Kayla and her husband Ze’ev…many thanks for your work…you always seem to find a ray of hope in difficult situations…Hannah(SaltSpring Island, BC)

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