Women in the News

Many recent headlines feature women, one of the most prominent

 is Dorit Beinisch, President (Chief Justice) of the Israeli Supreme Court.

As President of the Supreme Court, she is the head of the Israeli judiciary,

responsible for managing the court system

and directly involved in selection of  all new Supreme Court judges.

On the real streets there are hundreds of women judges and lawyers,

who work in their profession and raise a family without making any headlines.

Recently, photos of women used in advertising drew negative attention

resulting in protest signs…with women in them.

While in Mamilla Mall there are photos showing women’s bodies

and famous faces in advertising campaigns,

 this sign for lingerie caught my attention…for what it did not show.

A small protest against the opening of this dance studio got a lot of coverage,

but a protest against domestic violence against women was ignored by the media.

I walked with the protesters until Mamilla Mall,

as it was on my way to a Jerusalem Web Professionals Meetup.

Women and men getting together to network, share ideas and help each other.

There are thousands of women in hi-tech and science doing great work,

many volunteer their expertise, but only a rare few make headlines.

It took until today for religious women to get positive headlines

 for serving in the army, some are proud to wear long, modest skirts.

There are women who after making aliya as lone soldiers, volunteer to help others.

  These young women worked hard to help feed over 300 lone soldiers in Tel Aviv

at Thanksgiving dinner sponsored by the Lone Soldier Center in memory of M. Levin.

Over two dozen women olim volunteered to make side dishes and desserts,

preparing everything from traditional cranberry relish to fresh pumpkin pies.

Thousands of women volunteer in educational support organizations such as

AMIT, Emunah, Hadassah, and WIZO, but they do not make headlines.

On International Volunteer Day a few special cases are honored.

The unseen faces, quiet and hard-working, the unsung heroes

are those who enrich everyone around them…

but they are not news.

Today might be a good time to say, thank you volunteers.

3 thoughts on “Women in the News

    • December 7, 2011 at 10:19 am

      Not sure how to answer that, but thanks..
      Think you will like the next post, I think it is beautiful, but the Old City is such a background it is easy

  • December 7, 2011 at 10:24 am

    There have been a few times when you have left me without words. You have an eye for the most interesting and up to date photographs and comments and sometimes one has to just say nothing as you have said everything already………..Looking forward to the next post.


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