Royal Wedding on King George

Where else should one gauge royal wedding fever in Jerusalem,

 than King George V Street?

Though in 1924, it was named King George V Avenue.

The first Friday afternoon after Passover, bakeries were open, but not very busy.

The Bezalel Street Arts and Crafts Fair was running as usual

and across the street people were out on the Mall.

Some tourists were around…

one American man did not know there was a wedding–

and no idea what these guys were thinking.

In one of the shops on King George Street there were plenty

of fish

  to eat dead skin cells, but not much interest in any wedding…

unless it was his brother’s…

Finally, just off of King George Street, the doors of this pizzeria

are wide open after being closed for the Passover holiday,

and inside there was fresh pizza and… the royal wedding on TV!

Not one Union Jack was to be seen, but Israeli flags are blowing in the wind.

Maybe those hit with a serious case of wedding fever just stayed home?

Mazel tov Kate and Will, the new Duke and Duchess of Cambridge!

Nice to chat about the beautiful bride and wedding gown

 and for a bit forget about the fires surrounding us.

4 thoughts on “Royal Wedding on King George

  • May 3, 2011 at 4:40 pm

    I was a bit miffed that we were not invited to the Royal Chassuna, but then, I did not have the proper hat to wear. The day of the Jackie Pillbox is long gone. Just adored the Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie’s hats. Right out the door of Alice in Wonderland. I suppose if one is royal &/or rich, one can get away with anything – and that hat was, well, what was that hat? Anyhoo, I really wish the city would get rid of the name King George street or any Brit’s name. What the British government did, from the King on down, was reprehensible to the Jews and to Israel. Who cares about “Royal” weddings or any of the “Royal” family. They’ll all be speaking Arabic in 25 years anyway and Westminster will be turned into the highest mosque in London. They and the rest of liberal, democratic, love-all- people (except Jews, of course)Europe will be cleansed or burned out of any shred of Western government, thought, history, culture or way of life. Women, take note, the chador or burka does not come in many colors and make sure you know how to cook. You will be in the house all day unless your 3 yr old son takes your hand and allows you outside. What goes around, comes around. What Europe did to the Jews, the Muslims will do to Europeans, chas v’shalom.
    And on that note…
    The Yom HaShoah siren chilled me to the bone. I could not help weeping for our precious, holy people who were slaughtered by the nazis and their puppets. Every one of us, EVERYONE, lost someone in the Holocaust. Just think of the millions, yes millions, of Jewish children who could be playing today in the parks, and learning in our schools. The millions of families who could be celebrating and dancing at simchas, visiting on Shabbat, sharing sukkot and sederim. Hugging, kissing and loving our families. Gone. Tortured, burned alive, hung, slaughtered in the most evil, inhuman, monstrous, unthinkable ways. Gone. Some never to be known or never thought of again. Invisible. And the world was silent. Countries knew, but said nothing, did nothing. “They” were Just Jews. Just Juden. Just Joods. Just Juifs. Just Zhids. Just Jews. Insects, parasites. Our family, our friends, us. IT WOULD HAVE BEEN US. AM YISRAEL CHAI! MEDINAT YISRAEL CHAI! The siren, the siren. A warning. Hug your children and hold your family close. WE have the gift and blessing of LIFE AND ISRAEL. Baruch HaShem.

  • May 3, 2011 at 6:21 pm

    I think you missed what could have been the audience. Lots of restaurants and bars have tv’s. Maybe some coffee shops had it on.
    I took pictures from a very comfy spot.

    • May 3, 2011 at 6:32 pm

      Cute, but the only TV that I spotted with the wedding on was at the Pizzeria.. I went up and down the length of the street,
      I did not go too far off King George.. like to some special sports’ bar with TV
      Did you notice the Arab women and children eating outside? At the spot where Sabarro was bombed…

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