Signs of Progress

While construction in Jerusalem is a hot topic in international headlines,

 on a local level, the construction of the light rail train system goes on and on.

The Chord Bridge near the entrance of the city, love it or hate it, has been discussed from every angle.


In the middle of the night, the roads leading into the city were closed, the bridge was tested with real trains.

As the mid-April completion deadline date approaches,


the track system of the light rail appears to be completed.

The high voltage power lines have been turned on,

and there are many

signs of progress.

Along Jaffa Street landscaping is under way

and train stations are under construction.


The corner of King George and Strauss Streets is less of a construction maze.

Years of changing traffic patterns


and construction have taken their toil on local businesses.

But with all the signs

of progress,

there were very few people actually working

 on the entire length of Jaffa Street.

 There have been lawsuits, counter law suits and delays, but one thing is certain.

The weather cannot be blamed if the system is not finished on schedule.

 Ben Gurion Airport may have closed for hours because of fog,

but in Jerusalem the weather still feels like summer.

Hot and sunny all day, still no rain by the middle of November,

great for construction work, but very bad for everything else.


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