Only Sukkot

Before the Sukkot holiday trees in Jerusalem are trimmed 


so that the branches can be used as schach to cover the tops of sukkot

There was no building freeze last week in Jerusalem as the city transformed itself for the Sukkot holiday; 


all kinds of sukkot — small ones on the rooftops 


and also large ones; 

 sukkot on the sidewalks 


and where the sidewalks are too narrow, in the streets; 


on poles off the ground 


and even built around trees. 

Some neighborhoods 


are crowded with sukkot 


while in others they stand alone. 

How many are there? 


Some are easy to see, 


while others are not so easy to see, 


and for some, well, you just have to know where to look… down. 


Some sukkot are very private 

others are hard to avoid. 

On Sunday there were crowds for hours after Birchat Hacohanim 


trying to get in to the sukkah on the plaza near the Kotel, the Western Wall 

and on Friday there were crowds of visitors at the sukkah 


on the grounds of the International Christian Embassy on Rachel Emenu Street. 

Whether the sukkah 


is a clever one on a small porch 


alone by the garage, 


or a sukkah as if on top of the world, another week and most will be gone until next year. 


Sukkat shalom, Sukkat shalom

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