Driving on Road 443

Friday morning, May 28, 2010

The sky was totally overcast as we left Jerusalem on Road 443.

There was no traffic on this busy commuter route to the Tel Aviv area.

 For kilometers there were no green Palestinian license plates in sight

and not many yellow Israeli ones either,

but there was kilometer after kilometer of newly-strung barbed wire.

The skies began to clear as we neared the new checkpoint.

 Not many people or cars were near the checkpoint area.

There was much controversy about  reopening this road to PA vehicles,

 but at least day one was quiet.

Along the road to Modi’in there are numerous Arab villages and houses

and vast stretches of empty land.

Approaching the checkpoint returning to Jerusalem at midday,

 there were more vehicles on the road,

but no long lines of cars.

 The old checkpoint was deserted.

Road 443 has become a popular alternative route to old Highway One

that twists up the hills to Jerusalem.

Off of Road 443, minutes away from Jerusalem,

the road to Ramallah is still off limits to almost everyone.

0 thoughts on “Driving on Road 443

  • May 30, 2010 at 2:34 pm

    Friday’s always a quiet day – traffic wise – on 443. The rock-throwing usually takes place during the week.

    It is a beautiful drive, though, and the villages and hillsides and olive trees are gorgeous.


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