Holiday Week

 Pesach 5770          Passover 2010

As Jerusalem residents waited by the bus load to get out of town,

flags lined the roads welcoming the visitors coming to Jerusalem.

After suffering in traffic jams and road closings while trying to get to the Old City,

visitors were greeted by sounds of music from a boys’ choir at the plaza outside of Jaffa Gate.


For the holidays, construction mess at Jaffa Gate was cleared to make room for the thousands of visitors.


 Easter celebrations were held this week, adding thousands of Christian visitors to the Passover crowds.

The Kotel, the Western Wall, was crowded all week, and not just for the Priestly Blessing on Thursday morning.




The Old City’s Jewish Quarter was  filled with people and activities.









Recently opened Hurva

Synagogue was standing room only

for the afternoon services.









However, there were a few quiet spots to be found,


and even an occasional quiet moment in a busy location.


But the Holiday Week was mostly about lots of people,

like those standing in lines at security to get to the toilets in the Mamilla Mall;

and more crowds.

A week of families and food; a  picnic in the park,

a brunch on a roof top,

  a meal in a restaurant served with rolls that look like bread,

 and white cotton candy.






The boxes for burning Chametz were now cold and quiet on street corners;

 but anywhere there was a patch of green grass,

grills full of roasting meat filled the air with thick smoke well into the night.

For most people,

the end of Passover means

no more matzah

until next year.

The Mimouna festival

begins soon after the sun sets

on the Passover holiday;

and  it is perfect time

for those who want to party

a little longer and

 grill even more meat.

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