Pre-Passover Ins and Outs

When Brazil’s President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva was in Jerusalem last week most people hardly noticed.  Da Silva only made it into the headlines when, after having refused to visit Theodor Herzl’s grave, he and his wife Leticia  placed a wreath at the tomb of Yasser Arafat during their visit to Ramallah.

Lady Ashton, the Foreign Minister of the European Union was in and out of Jerusalem, as was American negotiator George Mitchell.  Secretary-General of the United Nations Ban Ki-Moon was in Jerusalem, then he visited Gaza;



but he did not see Gilad Shalit who has been held in Gaza for almost four years.  Shalit’s captors will not allow a visit from the International Red Cross; will they provide matzahs for the Passover holiday? On the street near the Prime Minister’s Official Residence, the tent and vigil for his release continues, 1366 days and counting.


Important for English speakers in Jerusalem was the opening of  a new, larger home for AACI,

 The Association of Americans and Canadians in Israel.











 The Glassmans, major donors who helped

build the headquarters,

were in from Canada for the dedication.




Reports of rioting were very ” in” this week; however, the sounds of helicopters overhead

and those flying in and out of the Knesset’s helicopter landing pad were the only sign of trouble,


as in most neighborhoods people moved around as usual.








Unless,  slashed car tires 

 in a quiet residential neighborhood

may not have been just 

“simple” vandalism.





The heat wave is out and cold weather in; and a rain briefly cleaned the dirt out of the air.

Dirt is out, and cleaning is very in; 

vacuum cleaners, cleaning supplies and kitchen appliances are on sale everywhere.


During the year you never know what you will find out on the streets of Jerusalem,

 especially as people begin their Passover/Spring cleaning.










Large items                                                                                             and small

 or whole trees are put out with the trash,









even the baby’s bath.

 The BBQ and cover

 were put out

and gone in no time.










Mattresses and more mattresses,

everything but the kitchen sink was set out by the curb…


yes – everything,

or carried out.


Not everything is out these days:








the new H & M clothing store in the Malha Mall

is very “In”.



Much to the chagrin of working parents, school is already out


 for the Passover holiday, but day camps are in,

and children are out in the parks. 

And of course, around Jerusalem’s trash bins

 the cats are always in and out!

Chag sameach, Happy Passover!

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