Sounds of Spring

An unusually warm February brought an early spring to Jerusalem.

The birds have returned; their loud chirping  before dawn makes for a very early wake up call.

The frisbee players were out in shorts, having a great time playing in the park.








 There were quiet sounds like a bike ride                                                    or stroll in the park.


But one of the major sounds announcing spring 

 is the sound of the sneezing and coughing from colds and seasonal allergies that is heard on crowded buses.


 As everything turns green,


  the flowers


  grasses and weeds

and especially the tall, thin cypress trees, all fill the air with pollen.

There were some stormy-looking skies earlier this week,

 finally today we had a few small rain showers and tonight it is raining hard.

The forecast is a for few days of rain…just the sounds we want and need to hear.

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