Sounds of Spring

An unusually warm February brought an early spring to Jerusalem.

The birds have returned; their loud chirping  before dawn makes for a very early wake up call.

The frisbee players were out in shorts, having a great time playing in the park.








 There were quiet sounds like a bike ride                                                    or stroll in the park.


But one of the major sounds announcing spring 

 is the sound of the sneezing and coughing from colds and seasonal allergies that is heard on crowded buses.


 As everything turns green,


  the flowers


  grasses and weeds

and especially the tall, thin cypress trees, all fill the air with pollen.

There were some stormy-looking skies earlier this week,

 finally today we had a few small rain showers and tonight it is raining hard.

The forecast is a for few days of rain…just the sounds we want and need to hear.

Purim Problems

In Jerusalem, government leaders spoke at the Jerusalem Conference,  

to Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations

and to the Board of Governors of the Jewish Agency.

Major issues were discussed by the hundreds from around the world.

However, the real Jerusalem streets were more concerned about 

getting ready for the holiday of Purim, and

          choosing a costume was the first big problem.

There are very cute little costumes

   and extremely large ones.


With all the variety, if you still cannot find what you want,

fabric stores put out their most colorful wares.


Many take the easy way out and just get a hat;

  the variety seems endless.


Stores try to cash in on the season with colorful displays of anything that could be used with costumes.

The next problem is what to do for Mishloah Manot,

the traditional gift baskets given out on Purim.

Do you select a basket and make your own mishloach manot

or buy prepared gift baskets?

         Candy is the next problem: too many choices.    

Even Hamentashen pastries require making choices; 

which filling to pick…dates, poppy seed, nuts, caramel, etc…


 Which leads to the next problem, if you eat all this, 

how will you still fit into your costume?               


This year Purim in Jerusalem begins Sunday night

and continues on Monday, March 1, 2010.

City of Lions

Look up, Jerusalem, Israel’s new signs

 promoting culture, sport, youth and education feature lions.


Look down, lions can be found on the ground by the side of the road,

or high above the street,

 They can be large, standing guard alone,

or small and blue in pairs,

strong and metal ones,

       multicolored and ornate or simply gold paint.

    Usually lions are found outside, even high above the gate,


but the holiday of Purim is coming soon,

and lions will be everywhere.

The costumes are out and ready,even in size extra-large.

The Hebrew month of Adar has begun,

Purim is coming!