One Picture Worth a Thousand Words


The tenants of Hutzot Hayotzer,

the artists colony

located near Jaffa Gate,

were nearly evicted this week,

at the last minute

they got a one year

extension on their leases.

This is how the street

looked one  beautiful

afternoon early in November.

One picture  worth a thousand words?

The following photos 

speak for themselves.











 What you see is not always what is real… these boys are playing ball on a quiet street after school? No,  they were really in traffic dodging cars as they played.

Slum dwellings?


in Jerusalem

these are

$1,ooo,ooo plus



A few highlights and lowlights of the week…

A new tent protesting the building freeze was erected near the Prime Minister’s residence.

The only olympic size pool in Jerusalem closed for repairs, its fate uncertain.

There were more protest demonstrations against separate seating of men and women on regular bus lines.

New year celebrations were not wide spread, 

 this one had to move locations at the last minute.

With the high cost of housing, parties to pay the rent  

seem to been gaining in popularity.

More than 600 family and friends

came to the Gerard Behar Centre

to celebrate the 75th birthday of Benyamin Glickman.

Born in Jerusalem, lover of music and retired chazan,

cantor, he conducted two choirs to celebrate his

milestone birthday.

The buses of Taglit Birthright were zig-zagging the streets.

For some the biggest excitement…finally there is a kosher McDonalds in Jerusalem, one opened in the central bus station. Perhaps the  government ministers upset by the new low-fat options served at their meetings can get a burger and fries?

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  • January 8, 2010 at 5:49 am

    I think it would be more effective as separate postings per topic, even in there’s only a picture or two per post.

    • January 11, 2010 at 9:50 pm

      Thanks, original intent was to post once per week a with a theme. Last post had a few add ons, will keep your comment in mind.


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