Houses From Within


Houses from Within was not just open houses in Jerusalem,

 but the event also opened gates that are usually closed to the public.

One of the most popular of dozens of free tours was at the Hansen Hospital,

located on Marcus Street.

In the large, walled compound is a two-story structure built

by the Protestant community in 1887.

It became known as The Leper’s Home 

and was an asylum for up to 60 leprosy patients.

The once ‘luxury’ structure, it was built with a bridge

so patients could easily reach the toilets,

outhouses located on the right side of the main building.

The grounds had gardens and enough livestock  to be self sufficient.

One interior room is now on display.

While patients were always free to come and go,

the last patient left in 2000; the gates were sealed during the intifada.

Not far away in the German Colony,

the Houses from Within event included

 #41 Emek Refaim Street, the Alliance Church International Cemetery.

Thousands of people walk by each day,

but most have never seen the mural inside.

Next to it, is the Templer Cemetery which was established in 1878.

Located in one of the most popular parts of Jerusalem,

the vast size and beauty of these three hidden properties often goes unseen.

 But, there is one spot in Jerusalem that has become an international

 ‘must-be-seen’ venue.

Visitors are now bringing their own film crews to record their visits 

within the Shalit family tent.

 Hamas has refused to deliver a letter to Gilad Shalit 

through the International Red Cross. 

  With all that was going on this week,

there was one issue that united evreyone in Jerusalem,

it was not security, but

 the price of tomatoes!

From within every home, there was disbelief …

tomatoes cost more than chicken!