New IDF Soldiers

With the start of 2011, the frequency of

 kassams, missiles and kaytushas coming from Gaza is increasing;

ten fell in the first week of the new year, with more each day.

There have been injuries and one Israeli soldier was killed.

As many Israelis do not visit Jerusalem,

after induction into the army new recruits are brought to the Old City

and to the Kotel, the Western Wall

which has been so important to the Jewish people for centuries.

For some, it is a time to pray;

for others, a time to write a note.

They learn about their history,

  visit the sites,

IDF women soldiers

female soldiers , IDF photos

Kossel, Wailing Wall

Hundreds of young women,

armed with a rifle,

or at rest

are proud to be Israeli soldiers.

Recently three women completed their pilot training

and were qualified as pilots in the Air Force.

It was announced that religious women with children are to be drafted.

From now on, it will be even harder to stereotype the new IDF soldier.