Meet you at Mashbir

For years “I’ll meet you at Mashbir”, meant the corner of King George

and Ben Yehuda Streets in the center of Jerusalem.

But, after several years of construction,

the landmark department stored has relocated on Jaffa Street,

 and is open for business.

Escalators are placed in such a way that one has to walk

across the bright and inviting shopping areas

to reach the next set.

The top floor restaurant is still under construction.

Diners and others wanting to avoid the temptation to shop may use elevators.

The view of the light rail train from the glass elevators

and Kikar Zion, Zion Square from the windows,

 remind you that you are still in Jerusalem.

Be careful… if you are told to meet at Mashbir.

The old building is now an Office Depot outlet.

“I’ll meet you at Office Depot?”…

it’s going to take a while to get used to that.