Winds of Change

The Arab League calls for Syria to stop the killing.

King Abdullah of Jordan says that Assad should step down.

A huge explosion in Iran gives the international media much to talk about

and new blasts are reported in Lebanon.

Once again Hamas and Fatah are to form a unity government

and rockets and missiles are fired at Israeli citizens in the south.

In the Middle East spring and summer are over,

but what are the ‘winds of change’ in the Arab world?

 On Monday the skies were clear and there was no wind as the flag of Uganda

was raised at Beit Hanasi, the Israeli President’s official residence,

for an official visit of the Prime Minister of Uganda.

   Then the rain started in Jerusalem,

and it was time to cover the bike seat

and cover the hat.

With the change in weather, umbrellas were brought out for sale.

One lone, wet sign remained from the Jerusalem housing protest.

Mid-day the winds were still light, only one upside down umbrella was spotted.

The on again and off again rain and wind caught many people by surprise.

Some lucky folks were able to share an umbrella and stay dry.

Those trying to get their Rav-Kav fare card for the light rail train huddled under

the large Citi-Pass umbrella as they waited in line.

Cafes were crowded only under an umbrella.

The falafel shop off King George Street was dry, if you sat close to the wall.

After the nearly summer-like weather over the weekend,

the cold wind, heavy rains, thunder and flooding at night were indeed a change.

  Tuesday morning the sun was out and the sky was blue…but the winds were cold.

Time to dress the baby warmly for a bike ride.

Health care crisis, doctors’ protests, social justice, higher electric bills,

and protest posters of women’s faces…all reflect ‘winds of change’.

How good it was to see full racks of suffganiot,

 familiar and comforting on the Jerusalem streets.

Winter is coming, but that means that Chanukah is only a month away.

4 thoughts on “Winds of Change

  • November 16, 2011 at 11:47 am

    The winter is comming and I hope a more peaceful time for your country.
    I think you have nice weater in winter time:-) It is a lot more umbrella up side down here and soon the snow factory will take over my country.., but the sun is shining today:-)
    Wish you a happy week!
    Regards from Tania

  • November 16, 2011 at 12:22 pm

    Love it, love it – the pictures of everyone, ordinary people in the rain. I did not see the baby on the bicycle until I read the caption. Loved the photo of everyone, Jews and Arabs sharing the same protection from the rain and the two Arab ladies sitting and eating at the falafel shop. The religious Jew with a plastic cover on his hat together with a secular young lady in jeans.and boots. How about the one of four women buying umbrellas – Arabs and Jews. Life could be so wonderful in this most amazing country – we need more rain, lots of sunshine, love, tolerance and forgiveness on both sides.
    Looking forward to your next one ……


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