Back on the Streets

After hours at the computer sending out information on the “Free Palestine” people

who are waiting in Greece to pay us a visit,

a severe case of the flotilla fatigue required a long walk.

Jerusalem temperatures in June were unusually cool

and it was time to get out again and see what was really happening.

Gan Ha’atzmaut, Independence Park, often a scene of demonstrations,

was quiet enough for an afternoon nap.

  There is not much chance of a flotilla coming to these Jerusalem waters.

On Yoel Salomon Street there was a little sign of  stress.

On Jaffa Street one man held his own silent demonstration, but then

Dance Studio 6 started the music

and the breakdancing performances began.

A large crowd gathered quickly,

some took only a glance,

while many passers-by stopped to watch for a few minutes.

As the crowd grew it was harder to see the various dancers,

but there was a good view from the steps.

Most people in the diverse crowd were satisfied to watch

the dancers,

but this dancing baby

really got into the act.

Also nearby on Jaffa Street a band was playing,

   people were smiling again on Jaffa Street, some moving to the music.

The regular violinist was performing on King George Street,

while various other musicians were playing

every few meters along Ben Yehuda Street

and one young man was reciting lines from Dr Seuss.

As the sun was setting, the light rail car could be seen in the distance,

 many are filled with sandbags, not people.

  Meanwhile buses are packed to the gills with summer passengers.

The sound of music and people are returning to the city center once again.

 As last summer, Mamilla Mall will have live music every Thursday night.

 Machane Yehuda market, the shuk, will have live music on Monday nights,

but with protest demonstrations planned at the Supreme Court,

you probably will not hear many news reports about the Balabusta Festival.

There is one consumer protest that has seen quick and positive results,

as the price of cottage (cheese) has gone down.

Now if someone could just do something about the price of yogurt…

Happy Fourth of July to everyone in the USA.

 35 years since Entebbe.

Now back to the flotilla folks, this time not by sea,

but they are threatening to come by air…

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