Just Some Smoke

Hours after another firefighter died from his injuries in the Carmel fire,

around mid-day on  Sunday,  Jerusalem firefighters are on the scene

as smoke is coming from the roof of the Dan Panaroma Hotel. 

Fire trucks line the street in front of the hotel.

Firefighters go up and down in their extension ladder several times,

but traffic does not even slow down to notice. 


There was a lot going on: firefighters dressed in full gear,

a water pumper truck,

water spraying,

 two firefighters in hazmat suits,


and only a few people slowing down to look.

The ladder comes down,

 time to pose for a photo


with the fire equipment. 

Just another day on the Jerusalem streets… 


0 thoughts on “Just Some Smoke

  • December 20, 2010 at 7:06 pm

    Todah! I Love Jerusalem—City of The King!!!

    Blessings from Alabama, USA.

    Shalom aleikhem!


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