Early and Out

At the end of the long Rosh Hashanah holiday weekend

there were mountains of garbage on some Jerusalem streets,

but sanitation workers were up early and out clearing the mess away.

It took several days for stores to restock their supplies of food and drink.

People stocked up before the long holiday weekend

causing some stores to post apologies for running out of milk.

During the week, customers had to come early before supplies of regular milk ran out.

Daylight savings time ended on Saturday night, as the clock in Israel changes after Rosh Hashanah.

Sunrise is earlier, but the merit of this law which makes the Yom Kippur fast day end earlier

and prayer times later has been questioned  because the holiday season falls so early this year.

Not everything concerned food or fasting this week.

United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was at the Beit Hanasi, the President’s Residence

on Wednesday morning.

After the visit, she left with a procession of vehicles, but with little fuss and no noise.

While traffic was disrupted briefly, much of the  increased traffic and honking this week is caused by

some of the thousands of visitors in rental cars trying to figure out how to get out of a wrong lane.

The Clinton motorcade and thousands of visitors passed by the growing Shalit family encampment

near the Prime Minister’s Residence, where TV trucks came early in the morning for a good parking spot

before the meeting of  Netanyahu, Clinton and Abbas on Wednesday evening .

Gilad Shalit is still being held captive in Gaza despite his parent’s extensive efforts to get him out.

Starting early in the morning, hundreds of people walked to the Old City

all day long, until late at night when

crowds of men and women filled the Kotel, the Western Wall Plaza, for special prayer services.

Over the Yom Kippur holiday there will be no car or bus traffic, and businesses will be closed.

The music on the radio before the holiday changes to somber themes

and the bus sign gives the traditional greeting for the days leading up to Yom Kippur,

“G’mar chatimah tovah”, may you be sealed for a good

and healthy New Year.

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