The Streets are Full

 It is hot, very hot. Most people are trying to avoid going out in the sun,    


 but the streets are still full of buses, lined up at the usual tourist sites.       


   Jerusalem is suffering in a heat wave, with random power outages as the electricity grid is strained.         


 The weather is not bad for all things,        



  this  ‘recycle’  garden does not seem to be affected at all.         




  Mamilla Mall was full and comfortable in spite of the high temperatures.        



 On any afternoon you might find musicians outside the walls of the Old City   

or inside them.      


Music can get little feet     


  and not-so-little feet moving.       


Street musicians often play in the area around the Machane Yehudah Market, the shuk.  





The variety of instruments       






















 and music festivals      

 is just astounding.    


The month of August is full of music.      






From a band up on the roof in the shuk     


  down to the street below; there was music on Monday night.      



BenYehuda Street was full of young people who came to hear Funkenstein on a Friday afternoon.   


There was lots of beer and too many cigarettes.     



At the other end of the Ben Yehuda Mall, a night bus was blasting music from the top deck. 



 On Thursday night, large crowds came to Mamilla Mall     


and to Kikar Safra for free city concerts.     



At any time and any place, the Reb Nachman vehicles can stop, and music and dancers fill the streets.     

The streets this summer might be full of the sound of music, 


but until the heat wave breaks, during the day there will be lines and crowds for icy drinks too.  


0 thoughts on “The Streets are Full

  • August 5, 2010 at 1:24 pm

    You mention the heat wave quite a bit…
    Here in the New York we had the hottest summer
    ever recorded in history, with no respite whatsoever….My sister in law who lives in Efrat for 30 yrs.was in U>S> for 3 weeks & said the heat in Israel doesn’t compare to the heat we suffered through this summer…1 midnight we had 90 degreesF…..+ a lot more humidity….

    • August 5, 2010 at 1:52 pm

      Mention heat a lot, because that is what everyone is talking about.
      Jerusalem is supposed to cool off at night and not be humid, Tel Aviv or NYC, but not here.
      Efrat and the Gush communities are much cooler, you can feel really the difference this week.
      Also, many of these old stone buildings hold the heat (and the cold in the winter), but are not air conditioned. (or heated)..because Jerusalem “does not get hot and you don’t need it”?
      Sit by a fan with wet hair after a shower and do not move, you won’t feel the heat! Works every time.
      Will have to get a picture of the thermostat with high reading if this continues after Sunday, when they say it is to break.

      • August 11, 2010 at 6:49 am

        יישר כוחכי,שרון !


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