New Season

As the death toll in Syria grows higher daily,

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyir Erdogan comes to the Middle East

to slam and slander Israel.

Fatah is rallying for protests prior to the vote on a UN Statehood bid for Palestine.

Leaders seem to be benefiting from the “Arab Spring” even if their people are not.

How ironic it is that in the midst of all the tempest,

Standard & Poor upgraded Israeli’s credit rating to A+.

A microcosm of what is happening on the real streets can be found

  in and around Jerusalem’s Shaare Zedek Hospital.

Everyday, all day and night, new patients check into Emergency,

 the doctors strike may have  increased the number of patients coming to this ER.

There is a shortage of beds and overcrowding, but construction of a new building

and, as everywhere in Jerusalem, a shortage of parking spaces.

A cross-section of the population, Arab and Israeli, religious and not,

pass through the courtyard which is being renovated,

 often it is easier to enter by way of the ER entrance.

Inside, the days go into night with a rhythm and routine,

a cycle of new life and death,

so many amazing photos we can not show for ethical reasons.

While on the outside,

a Red Crescent ambulance sped in so fast it was impossible to photograph.

The  Betar practice field near-by is getting ready for the new soccer season.

Many and varied musical programs were performed,

 this one, by the Voca People, was held at the Israel Museum.

Down the road, the pomegranates at the Botanical Gardens look almost ripe.

No one knows when or how the “Arab Spring” will end,

but in Jerusalem there is evidence of a new season.