Take your own photos     


 of the most amazing Jerusalem scenes.    

                          Guided photo walks along Jerusalem side streets and narrow alleyways                                                                

 1. History photo walk

       150 years of history: Bell Park, Yemin Moshe, and Montefiore Windmill


    Facebook Photo Album

       Meet:  In front of Inbal Hotel          

2. Nature photo walk

      Beautiful nature spots hidden from main streets,

includes Rose Garden and Bird Sanctuary

       Facebook Photo Album

      Meet:  Large Menorah across  from Knesset   

              All photo tours are 1 hour to 2 hours

         10 maximum  per group    

photo walk

Children love it,

Young photographer

use a simple camera or cell phone,

taking photos on tour

and view world from a new angle.

       For more information please contact:

Sukkot Holiday prime times –

October 19 & 20  4:30 pm

                      Book your holiday photo walk now!                


“thanks so much
we really enjoyed our photo walk experience
it was a beautiful way to gain a different perspective on the Jerusalem we know and love and on life in general
and e/one appreciated all the positive feedback (especially Y E…I think you awakened a talent that was hovering beneath the surface and he is very excited and enthusiastic about it)
it was lovely to meet you
thank you again for today
and for the pictures”   RR
Hi Sharon We just returned to the US yesterday.  Want to thank you for such a lovely afternoon tour.. Saw many really interesting buildings & enjoyed hearing the history of the areas we went to.
Will keep your info to refer to friends!


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