What’s Cooking?

Purim is behind us and the marathon finished.

             Thousands of shekels were spent on newspapaper ads and banners by Keren Kayemet L’Yisrael,


  the Jewish National Fund, to inform us of their world leadership meeting in Jerusalem.

Surely there are better uses for all that money,

though not for the social workers who just ended a 23-day strike, they just want a living wage, not charity.

Wonder if any of the special KKL-JNFdelegates


found time to visit the food festival in the Old City?

Beside the regular food vendors outside Jaffa Gate,

each night this week

there were a host of other food stands,

 including one,  full of beans.

Signs in the Armenian Quarter clearly showed

that not all the food in the festival was kosher.

Just in time for the festival,

the renovation project near Jaffa Gate is nearing its completion.

Before the food festival began, there was much talk about having signs for the kosher food.

However, the new electric signs directing to the Muslim Quarter,

the Jewish Quarter,

and the Armenian Courtyard are what really stood out.

Most signs in the Old City until now,

 if you could find them,

were more artistic and in keeping with the character of  the old stone surroundings.

As many restaurants throughout the Old City were serving food to festival visitors,

on Tuesday night, Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman

was smiling before the cameras at a cooking demonstration.

What next?

 An arts festival will be running all week …

The clocks are changing to Israel daylight savings time tonight, 

 and the arguments pro and con have begun again–it sounds like things are back to normal,

 and it is time to start cooking for Passover.

Jerusalem Marathon 2011 Winners

Less than 48 hours after a deadly bomb exploded in Jerusalem,

streets were again clear of traffic.

street empty of traffic

Schools were closed in Beersheva on Friday, March 25

because of grad missiles.

In Jerusalem classes were cancelled

Sachar Park, Jerusalem marathon image

because the first full Jerusalem Marathon was running

from Gan Sachar, Sachar Park.

Parking was difficult, necessitating long treks to get to Continue reading

More Israeli Apartheid?

Boycott Israel Day approaches, Israel Apartheid Week goes on and on

and we hear that 6 people are killed in a mosque in Syria.

In Jerusalem,

"Palestinian men", "Friday prayer" , "Israel", "ethinic cleaing

in spite of calls for “Days of Rage”,

"Arab man", "Muslim prayer in Jerusalem"

Muslim prayer services have gone on

"Palestinian prayer time", "photo of Israeli atrocities"


"Old City walls" , "photo Arab woman"

after Friday.

Around Mamilla Mall

and the Old City walls,

"Mamilla Mall security", "increasingly restricted Palestinians"

freedom of movement is hampered only by wet and cold weather.

"security", "picture of Israeli security"

Purim security checks were required of everyone

"security barriers", "photo of Israeli security"

when entering

"Palestinians at Israeli security", "picture of Israel securtiy"

areas crowded with costumed celebrants.

As hundreds of mourners tried to squeeze on the only Egged bus

to the funeral for the murdered Fogel family,

"Palestinian woman" , "picture Arab woman"

an Arab woman was waiting at the same bus stop,

   the scene of  the Jerusalem bombing where a  woman was killed.

It is not far from Gan Sacher, Sacher Park,

"Arab children", "picture of Palestinian children"

where preparations for the Jerusalem Marathon were well under way.

Two hours before the bus stop bomb exploded,

"Palestinian students" , "picture of Palestinian children"

bus loads of Arab school children arrived at Gan Sacher

"ethnic cleansing ", "picture of Palestinian kids"

for an outing in the park.

Human rights are abused, freedom of religion is denied,

ethnic cleansing and atrocities are in the media,

but  hard to find on the real streets of Jerusalem. 

Security on Shushan Purim

Dozens of missiles keep coming from Gaza into many parts of southern Israel.

Jerusalem was on a high security alert for the Purim holiday

and there were more police uniforms in sight than usual.

"walls of Old City"

Near Jaffa Gate, an ad for a food festival in the Old City was hard to miss,

but as Muslim prayers ended on Friday, security was hard to find.

Not the regular security in Malcha Mall

"bread" "challah" "wigs"

or selling bread in the Machane Yehuda Market, the shuk.

"Jaffa Street"

Most of the world celebrates Purim for one night and the following day…

in Jerusalem it goes on and on.

First there are weeks of school events, then the Fast of Esther on Thursday,

and the megillah, the story of Purim, is read three days later on Sunday night.

Mishloach manot, gifts of food, are delivered on Monday.

"Purim costumes" "Mamilla Mall"

On Shushan Purim, March 21,  Mamilla Mall

"bunny costume"

fills with colorful characters large

and small.

"face painting"

There is face painting,


more costumes,

and photo opportunities.

"Arab women"

The large crowds

include everyone from Spiderman to

this Aussie bloke


and a mystery man.

It is way too warm for a real snow ball fight at Kikar Safra,  

Safra Square’s snow and ice event,

"cotton balls"

so there are cotton ball fights instead.

But on Shushan Purim

"Purim sign'

the place to be


is on nearby Shushan Street!

"Purim celebration"

The little side street is packed

"Man in hat"

with people


"Chinese dragon"

the many street performers

"puppet show"

and entertainers.

Even this Purim post is going on and on...

"bus sign"

and everything from the buses


to pets are in holiday mode.

"colorful costumes"

It is such a colorful day.

A  light rail train near Shushan had to make an emergency stop,

and security is called…

"light rail train" "Jaffa Street"

to remove a party hat from the track.

"street band"

Music fills many Jerusalem streets and goes on well into the night.

What next?

What could be bigger?

"Jerusalem marathon sign"

Friday the city will come to a complete standstill 

for the first Jerusalem full marathon;

if you cannot walk or run…better to just stay home.

More Purim photos on The Real Jerusalem Streets’ Facebook page.

Snow, Ice and Ethnic Profiling

With the massive disaster in Japan, the brutal murder in Itamar,

and the Israeli navy seizing a ship full of weapons on the way to Gaza,

it is possible you did not see anything about the snow and ice in Jerusalem.

It seemed totally absurd,

the trees are blooming and the weather is warm,

but the skies and weather often change in a day or a minute.

Even though the aloe plants are in bloom

and there was a rose in the Old City,

and lemons

and oranges look ready to pick…snow was predicted for Jerusalem.

A major storm did not happen…too bad,

snow pictures of Jerusalem are really popular, but

in Kikar Safra , Safra Square, there was enough snow to shovel,

enough ice to skate

and get the skates out of storage.

The city’s new ice skating rink was quickly gaining in popularity,


many visitors

 to check it out

and to take pictures.

It has also become the scene of an unusually high level of ethnic profiling.

Observers are picking out the Canadians in the center of the rink,

who look comfortable on the ice,

as opposed to the beginners holding on to the sides.

The days leading up to Purim holiday are meant to be festive,

children can be seen in the street wearing crowns, costumes and face paint.

Mourning for the murdered Fogel family goes on,

as does the holiday preparations,

and five minutes of silence for five years of captivity of Gilad Shalit.

Quite a week in Jerusalem.

Updated Rosh Chodesh Adar 5773, 2013

Farewell Udi, Ruti, Yoav, Elad and baby Hadas

This should have been about the social workers’ strike

 anemones, red flowers

and spring wild flowers.


 five members of the Fogel family were murdered last Friday night

Fogel funeral

and came from Itamar to their final resting place in Jerusalem.

people going to Fogel funeral

People filled the streets on Sunday afternoon March 13, 2011.

Fogel funeral cameras

All the cameras

crowds walking to Fogel funeral

and photos cannot capture

the masses of people coming together at the Har Hamenuchot cemetery.

Fogel funeral crowd.

People stood

crowd at Fogel funeral

and sat

Fogel funeral crowd

where ever they could find in a free spot.

speaker at Fogel funeral

As rabbis, politicians and family members spoke

large  crowd at funeral

the crowds were mostly silent 

view of crowd at Fogel funeral

and somber.

somber mood funeral

Overwhelming emotions

crowd at Fogel funeral

 from thousands

and thousands of people

mourners at Fogel family funeral

who came together to farewell a family they did not personally know.

closeup of mourners at Fogel family funeral

As Psalms concluded the emotional service,

crowd going from Fogel funeral

the crowd surged forward toward the grave sites,


following the procession, sadly, respectfully and quietly…

sign Arabs kill Jews

with a few protest signs.

mourners leave Fogel family funeral

Then they walked back towards Jerusalem.

man resting after Fogel fuenral

It was an exhausting, painful day for all.

pictures of Fogel family members killed

May the Fogel family be comforted with the mourners of Zion and Jerusalem.

Photos Getting There

More photos at funeral       and more photos of funeral.

Updated on March 15, 2013, a good time to remember.

Israeli Apartheid?

Saudi Arabia bans protests, Turkey locks up journalists,

Iran and Libya kill their opponents,

Egypt killed  protesters, Syria kills hundreds every day.

Haneen Zoabi, an Arab woman is an elected member of the Israeli Knesset

and has led anti-Israel protests.

Israeli apartheid?

Her actions would never be tolerated in any of the surrounding countries,

but Zoabi’s anti-government pieces are routinely published

 in main stream Jerusalem newspapers and supported by the courts.

 While Saudi Arabian women are forbidden to drive a car,

in Jerusalem, many Arab women take driving lessons

and sit where they want on public buses.

Arab school girls

School girls are not afraid to share the same streets,

Arab girls in uniforms in Old City

no matter what uniforms they wear,  and go on to attend Israeli universities

Arab girl head covered working in Israeli hospital

and find work in the medical professions in Israeli hospitals.

Muslim woman walking in Old City

Arab women walk alone

Arab woman alone in Old city

through the streets of the Old City

Arab women image. Arab women in Jerusalem

and in all the neighborhoods

Palestinian woman shopping


Arab women image. Arab women in Jerusalem

Jerusalem, Israel

Muslim woman walking in Old City wearing hijab

dressed in clothing

Arab women shopping in Jerusalem

of all types

Palestinian woman shopping

and colors.

Palestinian woman shopping

Often Arab women shop

in Mamilla Mall,

Palestinian woman, shopping in Machane yehuda

in the Machane Yehuda Market, the shuk,

Palestinian woman shopping for shoes

on Jaffa Street,

Palestinian woman shopping with children in Jerusalem

King George Street,

Muslim woman shopping

and in Talpiot.

Muslim women eating in Jerusalem

They can eat in a street cafe or restaurant

Arab man and woman holding hands in public

or walk with a male companion.

Muslim woman with children wailing wall plaza

With young children

Muslim woman shopping alone

or alone,

Muslim women walking in Old City

Arab women are not afraid or forbidden to move around freely.

Israeli apartheid?